The Tenant Handbook is the IDEAL TOOL to INDUCT and EDUCATE your NEW Tenants...

...PLUS it's a great way to STAND-OUT as the obvious choice with your prospective owners by offering them undeniable PROOF...

...when you show it to them!

You can spend 35-40 HOURS creating your own Tenant Handbook from scratch (ouch!)...

...or just use and amend ours!

So...what do you get with the Tenant Handbook?

Here's how to use the Tenant Handbook as an induction tool 
PLUS as a way to IMPRESS prospective clients and STAND-OUT!

How to use it to to INDUCT and EDUCATE your tenants like a pro!

Tenant's Handbook- Contents List

The base text word document is around 40 pages long covering: 

Welcome to renting 

The best way to contact your property manager

Getting started - What you must do first

Utility connections          

No cash policy           

Tenant contents insurance           

Landlord mail and contact

Starting your tenancy

Tenancy induction

Important notice about keys issued early

During the tenancy induction

Moving into your rental property


Payment and lodgement of your bond

Property condition report (Ingoing or move-in inspection report)

During your tenancy

General repairs

Emergency repairs

Routine inspections and photos

Routine inspection guide - What we look out for at inspections

Rent reviews

Lease renewals

Your rent payments

Calendar monthly payments

Understanding ‘Rent in advance’

The national internet tenancy database - Rent default

Paying your rent into the office

Taking care of the property- Inside

Misplaced keys

Property damage

Noise/ disruption

Air conditioners

No smoking/No vaping policy



Pot plants


Tenant painting

Fixtures and fittings

Smoke alarms

Picture hooks

Washing curtains

House cracking and movement


General cleaning

Carpet cleaning

In the kitchen

In the wet areas- Bathroom, toilet, and laundry

Dealing with mould

Taking care of the property - Outside

Water restrictions

Watering your garden and water restrictions

Watering systems

Weeding and shrub trimming

Lawn maintenance

Supplied hoses/ fittings


Oil drippage

Parking on lawns/ gardens

Renting in a tropical climate (remove if not required)

What to do during dry seasons

Rain and wet season maintenance tips

Tips to maintain a cooler home in the tropics

Condensation issues

Renting a property in a cold/ snowy climate (remove if not required)


How to prevent frozen pipes

How to prepare the inside of your home for winter

How to prepare the outside of your home for winter

How to manage snow and ice at your rental property

Heating the property

Swimming pools and outdoor spas

Pool/ spa cleaning

Supply of pool chemicals

Pool/ spa covers, accessories, equipment, and pool furniture

Pool/ spa fences and gates

Pets at the property – Understanding our expectations

Tenancy changes

Bond changing tenants


Property for residential use only

Your safety - Being aware

Strata titles/ Body corporate

Common property


Noise and disturbance

Taking responsibility for your visitors

Vacating the Property

Notice in writing

Ending of a fixed term

Ending a non-fixed (periodic) term

Breaking a fixed term

How to get your BOND back quickly...

National internet tenancy database

Getting the property ready for vacating – Checklist

General items

Inside the property

Outside the property

If you have a pet

Get some help to get the property vacate ready

Who we use and recommend (tradespeople section)-

Your local community

How MICHAEL uses the Tenant Handbook in his Agency!

How Michael uses the Tenant Handbook to tailor it for Property Owners with his Melbourne REALLY IMPRESS them and win their business.

If you STRUGGLE to FIND a WAY to STAND OUT with your PROSPECTIVE Property Owners...

...then this is your ANSWER!

HOW do you use it?

TO IMPRESS- show them your Tenant Handbook and placed it in their hand (don't leave it with them) explaining to them "should we get your business, this is our Tenant Handbook we use to INDUCT and EDUCATE your tenants to right expectations...right from the start!

Look HOW comprehensive it is!"

TO INDUCT- When you confirm your new tenant, on the phone explain to them you will be sending them by email a PDF version of the Tenant Handbook, and for them to read it all before they come to the sign-up appointment.

You'll be surprised how many will, when this has been asked of them at Tenancy Confirmation.

Then in the Tenant Induction (sign-up) appointment hand them a hard-cover version of the Tenant Handbook showing them your most important points, using it as an induction tool!

Consider also getting them to Docusign sections of it that they have received and understood the Tenant Handbook (check out our fourth video on how Michael Sanz uses it RIGHT NOW to docusign his tenants with's IMPRESSIVE how he does it!)

DON'T write it from scratch! 

We've done all the HARD WORK FOR YOU!

SAVE HOURS and HOURS of writing your Tenant Handbook from SCRATCH as we have already written all the BASE text for you!

You DOWNLOAD it as a MS Word document with our base text.

Just AMEND it to your office practices, CHANGE it to your legislation, ADD your brand, get it looking nice with photos and really make it yours!

CHOOSE which one...

The AUSTRALIAN or the NEW ZEALAND Version for $397 

Don't WASTE up to 40 hours of your time writing one from SCRATCH- just DOWNLOAD and AMEND ours! 

It's a MUCH SMARTER use of your TIME and RESOURCES!

What's in the Tenant Handbook?

We've already done all the writing for you so you don't need to spend hours and hours creating it all yourself from scratch! 

We give it to you as a MS Word document with over 40 pages of text. 

Just change it to suit your office practices and legislation, remove what you don't want or need, add your brand and really make it yours!
Check out the TENANCY HANDBOOK CONTENTS LIST right here- 

Spread over about 40 pages with around 30-40 hours of writing already done for you, supplied in an easy to change word document that you can change to your office practices, tweak it to your state legislation and add your brand, to make it yours and keep forever!

Please note that the NZ Version has been amended to suit NZ conditions, and also changed to reflect current and new legislation (after February 2021.

REMEMBER- just remove what isn't applicable or what you don't need, and amend the rest (it's a Word doc!)

Getting Started - What You Must Do First! 

Utility Connections - Getting Connected 
We can CONNECT you FAST! 
Important Condition - Intact Telephone Line 
No Cash Policy 
Tenant Contents Insurance 
Landlord mail and contact 

Starting Your Tenancy! 

Tenancy Induction 
Important Notice about keys issued early 
During the Tenancy Induction- we will go through the following with you 
Moving into Your Rental Property 
Payment and Lodgement of your Bond 
Property Condition Report (Ingoing or move-in inspection report) 

During Your Tenancy 

General Repairs 
Emergency Repairs 
Routine Inspections and Photos 
Routine Inspection Guide - What we look out for at inspections 
Rent Reviews 
Lease Renewals 
Your Rent Payments 
EVICTION will follow if the problem is not fully remedied! 
Calendar Monthly Payments 
Understanding ‘Rent in Advance’ 
The National Internet Tenancy Database - Rent Default
Paying Rent- how to pay

Taking Care - Inside the Property 

Misplaced Keys 
Property Damage 
Air conditioners (Heat Pumps- NZ)
No smoking/no vaping policy
Pot Plants 
Tenant Painting
Fixtures and Fittings 
Smoke Alarms 
Picture Hooks 
Washing Curtains 
House Cracking and Movement 
General Cleaning 
Carpet Cleaning 
In the Kitchen 
In the Wet Areas- Bathroom, Toilet and Laundry 
Dealing with Mould 

Taking Care - Outside the Property 

Water Restrictions 
Watering Your Garden and Water Restrictions 
Watering Systems 
Weeding and Shrub Trimming 
Lawn Maintenance 
Supplied Hoses/Fittings 
Oil Drippage 
Parking on Lawns/Gardens 

Renting a Property in a Tropical/Wet Climate (remove if not applicable, and this has been removed from the NZ version) 

What to Do During Dry Seasons 
Rain and Wet Season Maintenance Tips 
Tips To Maintain A Cooler Home In The Tropics 
Condensation Issues 

Renting a Property in a Cold/Wet/Snowy Climate (remove if not applicable) 

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes 
How to Prepare the Inside of Your Home for Winter 
How to Prepare the Outside of Your Home for Winter 
How to Manage Snow & Ice at Your Rental Property 
Heating the Property 

Swimming Pools and Outdoor Spas 

Pool/Spa Cleaning 
Supply of Pool Chemicals 
Pool/Spa covers, accessories, equipment and pool furniture 
Pool/Spa Fences and Gates 

Pets at the Property - Right Expectations
Tenancy Changes 
Bond Changing Tenants 
Property for Residential Use Only 
Your Safety - Being Aware
Strata Titles/Body Corporate
Common Property 
Noise and disturbance 
Taking responsibility for your visitors 

Vacating the Property 

Notice in Writing 
Ending a Fixed Term 
Ending a Non-Fixed (Periodic) Term 
Breaking a Fixed Term 

How to get your BOND back quickly... 

The National Internet Tenancy Database 

Getting the Property Ready for Vacating - Checklist 

General Items
Inside the Property 
Outside the property 
If you have a pet 

Get Some Help to Get the Property Vacate Ready 
Who we use and recommend (tradespeople)
Your Local Community 

How do I access the Tenant Handbook?

Step One- Choose WHICH Version of the Tenant Handbook you want to purchase and DOWNLOAD

#1- The Australian Version- please amend this to your state legislation,  amend to your office practices and add your photos and brand.

#2- The New Zealand Version- this is all ready to go for you to amend to your office practices and add your photos and brand. Legislation changes in Feb 2021 affecting the handbook have also been highlighted.

Step Two- Purchase the Tenant Handbook, and download the MS Word .docx right away with the supplied download link after purchase.

CHOOSE which one.

The AUSTRALIAN or the NEW ZEALAND Version for $397

Don't WASTE up to 40 hours of your time writing one from SCRATCH- just DOWNLOAD and AMEND ours! 

It's a MUCH SMARTER use of your TIME and RESOURCES!

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