Now you have a REAL point of difference to stand-out...
using your Property Owner's Handbook.

You can spend 15-20 HOURS writing your own...or just use ours!

How Michael uses the Property Owner's Handbook to attract new owners as a stand-out point of difference, and also how to demonstrate it 'remotely' to IMPRESS prospective clients who live outside the area.

CHOOSE which one- The AUSTRALIAN or NEW ZEALAND Version 

"But the other agent is 1% cheaper!" 
How to use the Property Owner's Handbook to 
BEAT this common owner fee objection!

How the Property Owner's Handbook WORKS!

Demo: How Ashleigh Goodchild created her Property Owner's Handbook

Property Owner's Handbook- Contents List

The base text word document is around 26 pages long (NZ Version 29 pages), covering: 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the best rent for my property?

What is the application process?

How do I know I am getting a good tenant?

How do you advertise my property?

How long will it take to find a tenant?

What will be covered at the new tenant induction (sign-up process)

What is the bond for? And how much do you take?

How often will I receive the rent funds and when will I receive my statement?

What expenses can you manage on my behalf?

What extra outgoing expenses should I expect?

Does my tenant pay for water usage?

What insurance will I need?

Do I need a tax depreciation schedule?

Do I have to allow pets at my property?

Whose responsibility is it to maintain the smoke alarms?

Do the tenants maintain the lawns and gardens?

Who is responsible for pest control at the property?

Do I need my property termite checked?

What inspections are carried out during the tenancy?

Ingoing condition report

Routine inspections

Vacate inspections

When can I go to the property?

What is the process of lease renewals and rent reviews?

What is the repair process?

What happens if my tenant stops paying rent?

What happens if my tenant breaches their lease?

What happens if my tenant breaks their lease?

What is the tribunal/ court process?

How much notice does my tenant need to give if they are vacating?

What is the process when my tenant vacates?

What legally is wear and tear?

What happens if I want to move back into my property?

What happens if I want to sell my property?

Getting Your Property Ready to Rent

Essential things to do

Cleaning items

Outside the property

Our Services - A Comprehensive Look

The management process - What we do

The leasing process - What we do

The marketing process - What we do

What marketing portal platforms do we use?

The lease renewal process - Why it’s important

The lease renewal process - What we do

The routine inspection process - What we do

Vacate inspection process - What we do

Monthly administration process - What we do

The tribunal/ court and attendance process - What we do

The insurance claims process - What we do

Outside the normal duties process - What we do

How to use the Property Owner's Handbook as a WAY to WIN new business and an effective point of difference.

How to use the Property Owner's Handbook as a WAY to INDUCT your 
NEW clients to right expectations.

If you STRUGGLE to FIND a difference with your PROSPECTIVE Property Owners...

...then this is your ANSWER!

HOW do you use it?

TO IMPRESS- demonstrate to a Prospective Property Owner that if they sign up with you that you will give them your COMPREHENSIVE Handbook on how you OPERATE!

TO INDUCT- once you've signed them up then INDUCT them to your way of doing things using your Property Owner's Handbook, and reduce the chance of future issues and conflict by setting right expectations upfront!

Give it to them as a PDF download and also as a printed Handbook!

BUT...ONLY if they sign up with you!

DON'T write it from scratch! 

We've done all the HARD WORK FOR YOU!

SAVE HOURS and HOURS of writing your HANDBOOK from SCRATCH as we have already written the BASE text for you!

You DOWNLOAD it as a MS Word document!

Just AMEND it to your office practices, CHANGE it to your legislation, ADD your brand and make it yours!

It's so much easier when it's nearly already WRITTEN for you!

CHOOSE which one- The AUSTRALIAN or NEW ZEALAND Version 

Joe Iemma

Director and Senior Property Manager 
Doyle and Spillane Real Estate 
NSW, Australia
"The Property Owner’s Handbook...has been invaluable not only as an educational tool, but also to win over new business. 

A number of times we
have been able to refer current clients back to the handbooks in key operational areas, resolving disputes and potential conflict quickly. 

Further, when
presenting to prospective clients not only are they impressed with the Property
Owner’s Handbook...because they know that if they sign up with us, they can see the level and depth of education their tenant will receive
should they place their business with us. 

It makes it real easy to get the business as
‘the obvious choice’ over other competitors who only use discounting as a point of

Steve Warburton

Prime Rentals Ltd
Tauranga, New Zealand
"The Property Owner's Handbook gives us a visible point of difference to be able to sit down with a prospective client, show them the contents page, and how it all works. We outline our expectations and build a sense of security and trust with them, after placing the handbook into their hand. 

In a short period of time, it's clear they'd like to keep it at which point we politely ask for it back, saying we can only give it to 'signed-up clients'. Because they now want something 'they cannot have', it increases their desire to want it even more, and to use us to manage their property"

Kim Purser

Kim Purser Properties 
NSW, Australia
"When I showed prospective clients our Property Owner's Handbook, demonstrating visually the way we do property management in comprehensive detail, it gave them confidence in us as the knowledgable expert to use our services, rather than the other cheaper agents in our area."
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