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Part One- Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get the best rent for my property?
2. The Application Process 

3. How do I know I am getting a good tenant? 

4. How do you advertise my property? 

5. How long will take to find a tenant?

6. What will be covered at the new tenant induction (sign-up process)

7. What is the bond for? And how much do you take?

8.How often will I receive the rent funds and when will I receive my statement? 

9. What expenses can you manage on my behalf?
10. What extra outgoing expenses should I expect? 

11. Does my tenant pay for water usage?

12. What insurance will I need?

13. Do I need a tax depreciation schedule?

14. Do I have to allow pets at my property? 

15. Whose responsibility is it to maintain the smoke alarms?

16. Do the tenants maintain the lawns and gardens? 

17. Who is responsible for pest control at the property? 

18. Do I need my property termite checked?

19. What inspections are carried out during the tenancy?

       a. Ingoing Condition Report

       b. Routine Inspections

       c. Vacate Inspections

20. When can I go to the property? 

21. What is the process of lease renewals and rent reviews?

22. What is the repair process?

23. What happens if my tenant stops paying rent?

24. What happens if my tenant breaches their lease?

25. What happens if my tenant breaks their lease? 

26. What is the Tribunal/Court Process?

27. How much notice does my tenant need to give if they are vacating?

28. What is the process when my tenant vacates?

29. What is legal wear and tear?

30. What happens if I want to move back into my property?

31. What happens if I want to sell my property?

Part Two- Getting My Property Ready For Tenancy 

( This is a detailed checklist for a Property Owner to get their property suitable for tenancy. Everything they need to do)

Part Three- Our SERVICES outlined- (what we do)

(This section assist you to JUSTIFY all that you do with your COMPREHENSIVE LIST of services)

The Management Process

The Leasing Process

The Ingoing Inspection Report

The Routine Inspection Process

Monthly Administration Process

The Tribunal Attendance Process

The Insurance Claims Process

Outside of Normal Duties

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