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What they should've TAUGHT YOU in your Property Management Licence course!

Supplied as a 'Mini-Book' of 101 PM 
Time and Stress Management Tips 
over 43 pages. The book is 'A6' in size.

"Your GOAL as a Property Manager is to TAKE COMPLETE CONTROL. 

Anything LESS isn't worth the chaos, pain, stress and burnout!"

-Darren Hunter

Get 'Time Secrets 101'. 

get your LIFE BACK!

"It's taken me 30 years of pain and learning in property management to realise you must FIRST TRANSFORM yourself and what you believe about time management, before you can TRANSFORM 
what you do! 
This book will show you how!
-Darren Hunter

101 Property Management Time and Stress Management Tips, Techniques and Strategies for 'Crazy Busy Property Managers!'

Presented in an 'easy to read' A-6 sized format in a handy compact book (43 pages) that fits easily into your bag, with 101 Time and Stress Management Tips.

Here's what you'll get in 'Time Secrets 101'...

EIGHTEEN Tips for completing your office tasks 2-3 times FASTER that you are right now!

NINE Tips to keeping your desk organised, efficient and FREE of chaos.

TEN critical keys to take APPOINTMENT control.

ELEVEN tips for better efficiency out of the office.


TWELVE awesome keys to staying productive throughout the day.

SEVEN tips to switching off after-hours and ENJOYING your time-out!

FIVE power keys to being more productive with your phone calls.

SEVEN crucial keys to beat being mentally overwhelmed.

SEVEN big tips to dealing effectively with BAD BUSINESS.

Supplied as a 'Mini-Book' of 101 PM Time and Stress Management Tips over 43 pages. Book is 'A6' in size.

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When you order your book 'PM Power- Time Secrets 101' you'll also be emailed a BONUS download link for our 'Avoid Bad Owners' SWIPEFILE (value $97), with these valuable word doc tools-

SWIP{EFILE Letter #1- The 'Three Choice' Letter to Bad Owners.
When you've had enough, (but not enough to sack them yet) this three choices letter comes in real handy!

SWIPEFILE Letter #2- 'Terminating of a Bad Owner' Letter
Use this letter when 'you've had enough'!

SWIPEFILE Letter #3- 'Avoiding a Bad Owner' Letter
This letter is AWESOME. Got a prospective client that wants your services, but you don't want them? 
This letter lets them know...nicely!

SWIPEFILE Tool- EIGHT NEW Business Criteria before you say 'YES"!
Don't just take on 'anything with a roof and front door'! Have a CRITERIA before you say 'yes'! Here's EIGHT things to check off to ensure every new property you take on is quality business and HEALTHY for you, your team AND your business!

"Wow Darren, what a fantastic book on Time and Stress Management Tips! 

 I wondered what other tips I could learn after many time management courses and books but this one is definitely different to all the standard ones. 

 With the book being targeted specifically to Property Managers and Property Management Departments it is useful, relevant, easy to use and to implement. 

 I can't wait to start implementing some of these with my team!"

Vicki Southgate- Century 21 Edwards Realty, New Zealand

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What do other Property Managers SAY?

Linda Gulabovska- Senior Property Manager
Right Choice Real Estate- NSW

"Darren Hunter continually challenges Property Managers to think outside the square! 

His 'no nonsense' approach and guidance gives you the strength and reassurance that as a property manager you are the professional negotiator between all parties. 

Darren instils mindset and his teachings adhering to time management are second to none! Darren Hunter is an absolute master of our Property Management industry! An influencer and exceptional trainer!"

Ming Han Lim- Director, 
Lim Realty - VIC

"No wonder most Property Managers struggle to manage their time, because the contents in this book are not covered in any agent certification course. 

Timeless actionable advice broken down into logical categories." 

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